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Baby Naming Ceremonies

In many ways these Naming Ceremonies are the most fun to conduct due to the unpredictable nature of babies and young children - we have to learn to speak quite loudly!!

Naming Ceremonies are often the first opportunity to really welcome our new child into the lives of close family, friends and the wider community. Our children are the future, so their impact on our world is immense - and something to mark with a celebration.

If you follow a religion then you will probably have a 'baptism' in the church where you worship. Many families today are not religious but would still like to mark the occasion of a new baby or a child joining the family.

The strength of a naming ceremony comes from the fact that parents declare, in front of all the people they care about, their promises to their child.

Naming Ceremonies are your expression of commitment to your child, it gives you an opportunity to 'officially' announce their chosen names and tell the family who you have chosen to be your 'Supporting Adults' who will promise a special relationship with the child.

A Naming Ceremony can be really useful to strengthen family relationships and welcome an adopted child or when families are being merged together after a second marriage.

Naming Ceremonies can be conducted by Bridget Garrett Ceremonies who will only do one at once, unless you have several children you would like to include. There are no 'batches' of babies waiting to be done! With Bridget Garrett Ceremonies you can have as much say in the creation of your Ceremony as you want. You can choose the music, poems, readings and 'Supporting Adults' for your child's ceremony.

So if you have a little one or a not so little one that you would like to create a ceremony for, please do get in touch. Bridget Garrett Ceremonies will work in most of the North Yorkshire region including Scarborough, Whitby, Filey, Pickering and York.

Prices: Naming Ceremonies for single babies & children start at £250/£350 for two or more.